Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pray for MH370

Assalamualaikum …

Everyone knows what actually has happened to Malaysian Airlines, MH370 aeroplane were missing. Actually I was so shocked when I read the news through my Wechat, Facebook, & Twitter. Then, I asked my roommates to make a confirmations about the news. They said the same things.

As a human whom has humanity and heart, I pray for their safety and I want to said to those people whom said a ridiculous words and speculations. PLEASE CUT OFF THE CRAP ! What are you thinking of this things were some of a joke. Cut it off!! Okay?! It make me pissed off. You are not experts. So, let the people whom in charged and knowledgeable in this industry do their job.

I will never stop praying for the safety. For a brother and sister Muslim. Let’s do a Solat Hajat for MH370 safety. I hope with our pray. The miracles will happen. Insya Allah. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin !


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